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Know Some Essential Facts about AIG Insurance American International Group is an American Multinational Insurance Company, which runs in around eighty countries. Until December 31, 2016, AIG companies have provided employment to around 56,400 people. What is AIG Insurance Company? AIG Insurance Company is a subsidiary company of the American International Group (AIG). AIF Insurance […]

Top *10 * Jquery Interview Questions

jquery interview questions

Jquery Interview Questions jquery is one of the richest javascript libraries for clients side scripting.due to open source in nature it is most widely used javascript framework.” write less and do more ” is motto of ry.due to simple syntax and best way of building Ajax applications jquery became popular among developers. .due to simple […]

Top 10 Frequentyle Asked Html5 Interview Questioons With Answers for Exprience

Top 10 Frequentyle Asked Html5 Interview Questioons

1)can we set multiple background images using css: -yes we can set multiple background images using css3 <style> #set-img{ background-image: url(images/bgtop.png), url(images/bg.png); background-repeat: repeat-x, repeat; } </style>   2)What is the major difference between HTML and HTML5? -No need to define Doc Type in html5 -No need to define type of script imported script like […]

C++ Program To Print Patterns

C++ Program To Print Patterns

pattern structures are common to test someone’s ability in logic and programming.this is the only thing where you have to implement your programming skills.these patterns structures are mainly used to checking programmers ability to code.for designing these patterns you must know to programming looping statements like for loop, while loop, do while loop, break and […]

What Is Linux Web Hosting

What Is Linux Web Hosting

What Is Linux Web Hosting: Linux Web Hosting is most one of the hosting is one of the cheapest ways of web hosting.Linux web hosting is hosting on Linux operating this type of hosting server, machines run on the Linux operating system.and if server machine running on windows based operating then this type […] - Hot News ,Tutorials,Tips & Tricks,Entertainment,Sports,Business World. © 2017