Christianity History, Beliefs & Facts

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Christianity: History, Beliefs & Facts:

The religion of Christianity is based on the life, teaching, death by crucifixion and Jesus of Nazareth’s resurrection as per the description is given in the New Testament. And those who followed him are called as Christians. Today, it is the largest religion in the world with over 2.2 billion followers. Christianity has several different branches as well as forms with a huge variety in practices and beliefs. Explore our article and let’s check out some interesting facts, beliefs and the intriguing history of the Christian religion.

History of Christianity:

The History of Christianity concerns the religion of Christian, Christendom and the Church with its several denominations from the first century to the present. Christianity began about 2000 years ago Judea with the God Jesus Christ and his faithful set of discipline. It is monotheistic which is mainly based on the life and the teaching of Jesus.

Christianity started in the 1st century AD as a Jewish sect but it spread throughout the Greco-Roman world. Despite early persecution of Christians under the empire of the Roman, it considered as the state religion in the end. In the middle ages, it spread across Northern Europe and Russia. While during the age of Exploration, Christianity expanded all over the world and became the largest religion in the world.

Though the most of the historical record for the actual beginning of the Christian faith is found in the New Testament practices, the Christianity History began with prophecy in the Old Testament. There are more than 300 prophecies that span over a period of 1000 years which are recorded in the Old Testament the arrival of a Jewish Messiah.

The religion had several theological disputes which had resulted into three main branches namely, the Roman Catholic Church, Protestant churches and the Eastern Orthodox churches.

According to the legend, most of the first Christians were Jewish or Jewish proselytes. The doctrines of the apostles brought the early church into conflict with some religious authority of Jewish and later on this led to the martyrdom of SS. Stephen and James the Great. And that’s why the Christianity got an identity different from Judaism. As recorded in Acts 11:26, the name ‘Christian’ was first used for the disciples in Antioch.

Beliefs of Christian Religion:

There are many great and motivational teachings of the Christianity, but here we have assembled some of the most important and fundamental Beliefs of Christian faith. Go ahead and read out our following context to know more about Christianity and its exciting beliefs.

  • One God: The religion of Christianity is founded on the belief that there is only one God in the whole universe which is composed of three distinct persons, the God as Father, Jesus Christ his son & the Holy Spirit.
  • Almighty created the world: Christian people believe that the Almighty created the world in just six days, resting on the seventh. They also believe that the humanity is his most prized creation.
  • God’s son Jesus: The God’s son Jesus Christ is the only way to the forgiveness of sins and the salvation. As per the belief, he was sent to the earth who was crucified and rose from the dead in three days.
  • Sin: Christianity teaches the very important lesson that, mankind is born into sin and no one is good enough to earn salvation.
  • Salvation: All people can achieve the salvation through belief in Lord Jesus Christ, & his death and the resurrection and the repentance of sins.
  • Afterlife: Many Christians believe in Heaven and Hell. Heaven is said to be a paradise reserved for believers, while Hell is a place of the torment for those who have rejected the Lord.
  • The Bible: It is a Christian holy book. It is believed to God’s inspired word, a guide for faithful living and a historical document.
  • Church: The God has established a few institutions in this globe and one of them is the Church. It is a congregation of believers of God called out from the entire world.
  • Angels: They are known to be beings that created by God and are not the spirits of dead saints or glorified believers. They are ministers of God and have great power and might.
  • Prayer: Though it’s not a strictly Christian belief, prayer is the most significant to Christian people. As per the Bible, the prayer is the simplest way that God has ordained for every one of us to easily communicate with him.

Facts about Christianity:

Here we have shared some exciting and religious Facts about Christianity. So, go through our section and read on following lines.

  • Christianity is the world’s largest religion, with more than 2.4 billion followers about a 3rd of the world’s population.
  • Christians believe that Jesus is the son of God and also the savior of the humanity.
  • Jesus is also called as Messiah or Christ.
  • Jesus’ life and his teachings are documented in the new testament of the Bible.
  • In the Christianity, the word gospel is referred to as the written account of Jesus’s life.
  • Aside from Jesus Christ, other vital figures of Christianity are Jesus’ mother Mary, Abraham, John The Baptist and the Apostle Paul.
  • The Roman Catholic Church is the world’s largest Christian denomination.
  • There are around 800 million Protestant Christian across the world today.
  • Over 160 million of the world’s Christians are Orthodox.
  • Every year 78.5 million(approx.) Bibles are distributed worldwide.
  • Christian places of worship include meeting halls, churches, cathedrals, chapels and basilicas.
  • Many Christians believe in devils, angels, the Holy Spirit, salvation, demons, Mary Mother of Jesus, heaven & hell.
  • Christian occasions include Easter, Christmas, Good Friday, Lent, Advent, All Saint’s Day and Epiphany.

Christianity Quotes:

Christianity Quotes

Christianity Quotes



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