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Top Universities in United States for Higher Education

Studying in top colleges in the world, especially USA; is dream of many students belonging to different parts of the world. Especially students looking universities for studying MS or PHD choose USA as best place for their higher education. There are several universities in USA for international students.
Few Reasons for Joining Top US Universities
There are several benefits of joining top universities in USA for MS. Some of them are as follows-
• One will get top placement opportunities at abroad among Top recruiters.
• There are several research opportunities and millions of funding.
• One will face healthy competition with best students from all over the world.
• There are many successful personalities have qualified from such Universities such as owners of Facebook and Google.

How to Get Admission in Top US Universities?

Basically GRE, TOEFL and IELTS scores are considered for getting admission into the TOP ten US Universities. Average score of GRE should be 325, of TOEFL should be 100 and of IELTS should be 7. It is not enough to get passing scores of these examinations. Student also need to possess research capabilities and should have good recommendations from their professors. Students should have Statement of purpose that may convince the recruiters to provide admission to them.

Top US Universities for MS

Students from India usually have their aim for studying Masters in USA. There are best universities found for MS in US. Here we are going to provide top ten United States of America colleges and universities. This list contains colleges including Engineering, Law, Medical, Business Schools found in USA.

US University ranking 2018

1) Massachusetts Institute of Technology – Cambridge, MA
2) Stanford University – Stanford, CA
3) University of California – Berkeley, CA
4) Georgia Institute of Technology – Atlanta, GA
5) California Institute of Technology – Pasadena, CA
6) University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign
7) Carnegie Mellon University.
8) University of Michigan, Ann Arbor.
9) University of Texas, Austin.
10) Cornell University.

Cheapest Universities in USA for International Students

Many students dream of studying in US but lack sufficient fund for seeking education from top US universities. For them, we are going to discuss here cheapest universities in USA for international students that easily can be afforded by students having low budget. They are as follows-
Minot State University- Tuition fee of this university is mere $6,810 and is based on North Dakota. This university is at top in the list of cheapest universities found in USA and is quite affordable for students with low budget for education.
Alcorn State University– This University charges only $6,888 as its tuition fees. It has its basic mission to offer education to black community but it is not essential to belong with particular group or community.
Dine College– This University charges only $7,065 which is quite low in comparison to other universities. It is based on Arizona. It offers cheap education to students belonging to any part of the world.
Central State University- It charges only &8,096 as its tuition fees and is based on Ohio. It has rooms for around 1741 students and approximately forty percent students live in the campus of university.

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