What Is Server Hosting

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In this article, we are going to see detailed about the server and its type in details.

Is whats a server?

The server is a computer program of the device which designed for process incoming request and delivers data to clients[single computer or group of many computers].to managing this kind to processes server required high hardware configuration like RAM, Processor, HardDisk etc.
The server can be responsible for processing every request comes from clients machines and send back required data through using network transport protocols.servers not only responsible for delivering the data but also it responsible to processes on that.in short, we can say as like server is a software which handled a specific task.

What Is Server Hosting

What Is Server Hosting

The need of Server:

we are living in 21 st centuries and this is an era of the digital world, now things are going to online in nature.for that we required keeping our resources centrally so it can be easily accessed by clients.every one wants to keep their services online, so they can get more customers for these servers are needed.

Common Types of Servers:

there are various type of servers in networking concept like
1)Web servers
These type of servers are responsible for Handel pages and app and running them in browsers.
2)Email servers:
this type of servers is basically responsible for sending and receiving messages.
3)FTP servers:
such kind of servers is mainly functioning like supporting file transfer protocol and moving files from only place to another among networks.
4)Identity servers:
such kind of servers supports login and authorizations activities of users.

What is a server hosting??

Server hosting is an infrastructure delivery model which provides a container place where they can host or deploy their website, web application, and applications.in such kind of services user not responsible for buying and managing server hardware like RAM, CPU, Processor.
There are numbers of servers hosting companies who offer very cheap server hosting services.

Why Choose Server Hosting??

Managing our servers are too much-complicated task to small scale and middle scale organizations instead of that you can go through the Server Hosting services. Following points can explain why u can choose Server Hosting services.

1)No need Of Configuration:
server hosting companies already configured their services to handle specified tasks so you do not need to configure the server.

2) Faster Setup:
as compare to managing own servers, server hosting company offer you one minute set up process.so you can launch your server in just some minutes.

3)Monthly Payments Options:
If you don’t have that much money to set up your own server then you purchase server hosting for specific time period and then you can renew it.
4) Zero Maintenance Cost:
In hosting services users not responsible for maintenance activities.hosting company continues working on that so you can get good performance of the server.
5)Quick Support:
Server Hosting companies provide quicker technically supports of any query and problems.

Server Hosting platforms:

basically, each server hosting company provides hosting servers on the following platform
1)Linux Server Hosting platform:
Most of the websites prefer Linux hosting platform because Linux servers are Linux Servers Are More Affordable and more efficient than windows platform.basically, the Linux hosting platform works Apache, PHP, MYSQL.
2)Windows Platform:
if your application is developed in Microsoft related technology then you can go with Windows Platform Of hosting.

Types Of Server Hosting?

There are multiple types of servers hosting according to your need you can select server hosting types.following are some hosting types.

dedicated server india

dedicated server india

1)Shared Hosting
2)VPS Hosting
3) Dedicated Server Hosting

Shared Hosting:
It is a one of the best and inexpensive way of hosting simple websites and web applications.resources of such kind of servers are divided into smaller plans, and they offer to clients.there can be a number of shared hosting accounts on the single server.
Pros of Shared Hosting.
— cheap in cost.
— host multiple websites/web applications.
— Best for start-ups.
— setup in a minute.
Cons Of Shared Hosting:
— not handle high traffic[More than 100 RealTime]
— Same Servers for multiple clients.
— Less Secure.
— all applications in a single container
— server resources shared across all accounts on the server

2)VPS(Virtual Private Server) Hosting
VPS hosting to mostly Similar to Shared Hosting but in this case server resources are dedicated to that particular account for better real time management.in VPS Hosting every application having its separate panel, so they can manage separately.
VPS perform better than shared hosting in real-time management.
Pros of VPS(Virtual Private Server) Hosting:
-better performance.
-handle more real-time than shared hosting.
—separate resources for each application.
-separate panel.
Cons Of)VPS(Virtual Private Server) Hosting:
-costly than Shared hosting
-you need to start some services manually.

Dedicated Hosting:
this is one of the best options to server hosting because you can get full access to server resources on single dedicated server[Separate Server machine].dedicated hosting is next step of VPS.
Pros of Dedicated hosting
-Full access
-Greater performance
-No possibility of spam Activities
Cons Of Dedicated Hosting :

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